Jobot= So hot… and tasty!

Restaurant: Jobot Coffee Shop

Location: 918 N 5th St, Phoenix, AZ

Price Per Person: Approximately $7

Ordered: Chorizo, egg. mozzarella, homemade salsa & fresh spinach crepe


Jobot is quite possibly one of my favorite places in Phoenix, especially during first Friday or after an art show! My wonderful boyfriend Az turned me on to them a few years ago and I have never looked back! The sign may say coffee, but everyone knows the star there is their amazing crepes. The savory, or entree crepes are labeled numerically and the dessert, or sweet crepes are labeled alphabetically. I have never had anything there that I did not like and the staff is just as sweet as their dessert crepes! The walls are covered with art from local artists, there is usually music booming away in the background and if you happen to walk in during first Friday be prepared to wait, but trust me when I say it is worth it!

The crepes are generally served on plates unless it happens to be super busy that night, then you get your crepe neatly wrapped in aluminum foil and served to you in a paper cup. Some people don’t really care of the cup serving method, but I happen to think its brilliant. This way they are able to give you your tasty crepe in a tidy way so as not to create a mess, its convenient for you so you are able to carry it with one hand while looking at all the art vendors during first Friday and its also cost effective for them. Sounds like a win win to me!

My personal favorite is the chorizo, egg. mozzarella, homemade salsa & fresh spinach crepe. Its slightly spicy, meaty, cheesy and all around will satisfy just about any food craving you have. Its a little greasy, but all around like having a tasty taco rolled up in a light and fluffy crepe.

Jobot is open almost all the time, meaning they will more than likely be open anytime you happen to be in the area, but there are occasions where they will close. When that time comes, nobody knows! The website says 7am-12am, but friends and I have strolled in at 3am before with still quite a few people lingering about the place. All around I give Jobot two big thumbs up and would recommend it to anyone in Phoenix. I’ve even gotten a few friends visiting from out of state hooked!  So that’s it for Jobot and stay tuned for the next foody adventure!

Stay Stellar Everyone!