Jobot= So hot… and tasty!

Restaurant: Jobot Coffee Shop

Location: 918 N 5th St, Phoenix, AZ

Price Per Person: Approximately $7

Ordered: Chorizo, egg. mozzarella, homemade salsa & fresh spinach crepe


Jobot is quite possibly one of my favorite places in Phoenix, especially during first Friday or after an art show! My wonderful boyfriend Az turned me on to them a few years ago and I have never looked back! The sign may say coffee, but everyone knows the star there is their amazing crepes. The savory, or entree crepes are labeled numerically and the dessert, or sweet crepes are labeled alphabetically. I have never had anything there that I did not like and the staff is just as sweet as their dessert crepes! The walls are covered with art from local artists, there is usually music booming away in the background and if you happen to walk in during first Friday be prepared to wait, but trust me when I say it is worth it!

The crepes are generally served on plates unless it happens to be super busy that night, then you get your crepe neatly wrapped in aluminum foil and served to you in a paper cup. Some people don’t really care of the cup serving method, but I happen to think its brilliant. This way they are able to give you your tasty crepe in a tidy way so as not to create a mess, its convenient for you so you are able to carry it with one hand while looking at all the art vendors during first Friday and its also cost effective for them. Sounds like a win win to me!

My personal favorite is the chorizo, egg. mozzarella, homemade salsa & fresh spinach crepe. Its slightly spicy, meaty, cheesy and all around will satisfy just about any food craving you have. Its a little greasy, but all around like having a tasty taco rolled up in a light and fluffy crepe.

Jobot is open almost all the time, meaning they will more than likely be open anytime you happen to be in the area, but there are occasions where they will close. When that time comes, nobody knows! The website says 7am-12am, but friends and I have strolled in at 3am before with still quite a few people lingering about the place. All around I give Jobot two big thumbs up and would recommend it to anyone in Phoenix. I’ve even gotten a few friends visiting from out of state hooked!  So that’s it for Jobot and stay tuned for the next foody adventure!

Stay Stellar Everyone!



Restaurant: Smashburger

Location: 1949 E. Camelback Road, Phoenix, AZ 85016

Price Per Person: Approximately $11

Ordered: BBQ, Bacon and Cheddar, Smashfries, Med Drink


BBQ, Bacon and Cheddar: BBQ sauce, applewood smoked bacon, cheddar cheese and haystack onions on an egg bun.

Smashfries: Tossed with rosemary, olive oil and garlic.

Today my boyfriend Az and I ate at Smashburger. “Smashed fresh. Served delicious.” Personally I was severely underwhelmed by this particular place. The smash fries had a pretty decent flavor to them, but were not only swimming in oil, but turned out to be quite a challenge to chew. I don’t think I’ve ever eaten fries that are both too hard and too chewy all at the same time. The burger itself was pretty vile, not gonna lie, it was in fact terrible.

The first bite I took invoked the angry spirit of the burger causing it to gush out a wave of very hot burger grease and barbeque sauce all over my unsuspecting hand. The burger was very, very greasy and didn’t have much flavor. The bacon was very much like chewing on plastic with none of the wonderful attributes we think of when we hear the word bacon. After the bacon itself was removed the burger improved slightly, but still remained a greasy mess, as well as slightly undercooked. Don’t get me wrong, every now and then a greasy burger is awesome, but there is a vast difference between a greasy burger that still retains its awesomeness and a burger that literally tastes like grease with a hint of barbeque sauce and “haystack onions”.  This unfortunately was just a burger that tasted like grease with no significant flavor other than that.

About half way through my burger I wasn’t sure if I really wanted to finish it, but since I had just spent $11 on a burger and fries I figured I should press on, my mistake. When there were about 2 or 3 bites of said burger left I found buried in the meat patty one singular, white hair which caused me to promptly put my burger down and resolve to myself that the money  just spent on this food experience wasn’t that important. Overall I say Smashburger was as waste of my time and money. I’m not saying all Smashburger locations are the same, we just won’t be visiting them any time soon and thus concludes my review of Smashburger. Next review will be on Jobot!

Stay Stellar Everyone!

Welcome to Dining With the Ducky Overlord!

Hi everyone, just call me Ducky. I am creating a blog about different food places in and around Phoenix (including, but not limited to: Mesa, Tempe, Chandler, Queen Creek etc.). I shall be giving you the good, the bad and the ugly with no censorship. That’s right! There may indeed be some strong language, because that’s how I roll so to speak. Now granted my opinions expressed with in this blog are just that, my opinions and do not reflect the opinions of any one mass group of people (that I know of anyway). So with that being said I shall give you a bit of useless information about me just for the sake of…. whatever.

As stated before I am Ducky, I am a 28 year old freelance photographer who lives with my wonderful boyfriend in north central Phoenix. I love food and I love trying out new things and this hasn’t always worked in my favor. Some new discoveries are amazing and surprising, some are certainly surprising, but not so amazing. I am here to guide you in the best way I know how to show you what places in Phoenix are totally awesome and worth checking out and what places are something you shouldn’t waste your time, taste buds or money on!

In my review process I will be providing the name and location of the restaurant, what was ordered, the approximate cost for a meal there and then my review. Some entries may contain reviews for more than one restaurant some will be just about one singular place. Never know! I guess it just depends on how spunky I’m feeling that day.

Phoenix is a wonderful and diverse place, I can’t wait to have you all join me on my journey and if you have a suggestion of some place you think I need to try out let me know! I’m always up for a new experience and certainly won’t pass up a chance to review. Some places are Mom ‘n Pop some places are chain, but never fear you will always get my honest uncensored opinion… whether you like it or not. I may even throw in some of my personal recipes for you all to try out at home. Not sure, everything is kind of up in the air right now and I’m obviously just rambling at this point. My first review will be on Smashburger which I will be putting together after I finish my ramblings on this one. Stay stellar everyone I shall see you soon!